The Lemej feeding Shawl

When we become mothers suddenly the idea of ‘the best’ becomes something new, something prevalent. We want to be ‘the best’, do ‘the best’, for our children, for our family and for ourselves, and that can be a struggle and a pressure.

Lemej was created to fulfil this need for ‘the best’, and as founders that’s what we wanted to bring you. Something that can change your entire experience as a mother, transform it, enhance it and bring ease and intimacy to a vital part of the role, creating a beautiful environment for you to feed in. Anywhere, any place.

Our luxurious breastfeeding shawls are designed in sumptuous materials and chic prints so that when taking on motherhood, you can still feel like you. We take our accessories seriously, and this one is going everywhere with you – so why compromise?

We know that motherhood nowadays can often feel like you’re trying to do it all, and we also now that in the early days it can be hard to get out into the world. But boy do we need it. Our shawls are specifically created to help you nurse on the go, so you can feel confident and comfortable in any place and any situation.

The adjustable hoop that sits around your neck also allows you to easily watch your baby, so you can maintain that meaningful connection while you feed. It’s your private, familiar space to take everywhere, and helps baby stay focussed on the job at hand, without any outside distractions. Have you left baba at home but need to pump? Pop it on, fasten it up, and off you go. Your Lemej shawl is always in your designer tote, packaged in a beautiful pouch, with a double lined muslin cloth, and space for some extra necessities (yes, we’ve thought of everything).

Lemej – For a lively motherhood.


How to use

The Lemej feeding shawl is easy to use. In just a few simple steps your baby will be able to enjoy feeding time in a familiar and private place.


View from the mother while using the Lemej feeding shawl.



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