“Motherhood is not about concessions. It’s about finding the right combinations.”

Carolien Karthaus- Spoor en Evelyne Kadouch-Vergne, founders of Lemej

About Lemej

Best friends Evelyne and Carolien created Lemej in 2018, when they found there was something missing in their lives as new mothers. Evelyne had been given a handy tool to breastfeed out in the open, a sort of nursing apron: not fancy at all, but the functionality of it was great, and it really helped her feel more confident. The fabric however was awful, and the design was less than fashionable. It definitely wasn’t them. But they both loved how this magic tool worked, and both being creative, style-conscious, modern women, they started to think about a luxurious and more trendy version.

Evelyne and Carolien understood that breastfeeding can be really challenging, but also really special, and they wanted to create something that reflected that, but also made it more fun and stylish, so that feeding could be easier, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Something to help mothers be and feel more like themselves, while doing the utmost for their little one.

And so Lemej was born, the name coming from the French expression ‘le meilleur’ meaning ‘the best’, made of the finest natural fabrics (wool, silk and cotton), which feel comfortable and plush for mother and child. The functionality, with a stiff, adjustable hoop at the top so you can still see your baby while feeding, with some added touches, remains at the core, but the beauty and quality of these gorgeous accessories is what makes them stand apart.

Lemej – For a lively motherhood.



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