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“Motherhood is not about concessions. It’s about finding the right combinations.”

Carolien Karthaus- Spoor en Evelyne Kadouch-Vergne, founders of Lemej

About Lemej

Founded in 2018, Lemej is an Amsterdam based label offering luxurious breastfeeding Shawls for nursing mothers on-the-go.

Becoming a mother is a beautiful adventure. It’s overwhelming in many ways and nothing will be more important than the wellbeing of your baby.

The story of Lemej begins from the moment you slowly emerge from the newborn bubble.
After the first few weeks you will return to reality and whether you’re out for an appointment, travelling or when you’re running daily errands: everything is different with your new ‘plus one’.

The name Lemej comes from the French expression le meilleur, which simply means the best. No other word could imply more the ambition of the founders: they only want the best for you and your child, when breastfeeding in public seems difficult because of external stimuli.

Lemej’s feeding Shawl makes a stylish yet functional accessory allowing you to create a secure and peaceful environment to nurture your baby anywhere and at any time of the day.

Presented with a muslin cloth and in a matching storage bag, the Shawl is meant to make you feel confident to take part in the outside world in order to pursue your aspirations, without making concessions to the needs of your little child.

Lemej – For a lively motherhood.



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