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  • When Otis was born, a kind of calmness immediately fell over me: this little creature became the most important thing on earth and everything else was peanuts. But at a certain point I really had to crawl away from of my breeding ground and join the outside world. Thanks to the Lemej Breastfeeding Shawl, I was able to create that safe and restful moment outside the ‘nest’ to feed, while slowly picking up my rhythm again with my new plus one.

  • I have been fortunate enough to breastfeed my children. For my first, my daughter, I was able to generate peace and feed her at home following a planned feeding schedule, but this was different for my son and other daughter. I fed them in the playground, on the bench near the playgroup, at the airport and in many other places. In order to offer them peace despite the often turbulent environment, I used the Lemej feeding Shawl during breastfeeding. In this way, we created our own world for a moment, without being distracted by the outside stimuli. When I had to work again after a few months, I used the Shawl to pump at work. The compact size and bag made it a musthave in my (diaper) bag.

  • It’s so nice that there are things like the Lemej Scarf, to make breastfeeding in public much easier and more accessible. Whether it is to create a calm environment for your child or an isolated moment for yourself. Nice to know as well is that Lemej’s products are beautiful to see and made of fine fabrics like wool / silk mix and cotton. All these elements contribute to comfortable feeding in public. Personally, I feel comfortable to feed without a cover but as my children get older my experience is that they get distracted faster. Through the Lemej breastfeeding scarf you can easily create a calm environment while you do not have to sit apart. And through the handy top you can keep direct contact with your child while feeding. Ideal.

  • Feeding your child is something you prefer to do in peace and quit. Lemej gives you that by creating the privacy you want as a mother and as a child. The Lemej shawl is definitely the answer! And on top everything the shawl is lovely to look at and extremely soft. Thank you Lemej.



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