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The Lemej feeding Shawl

Becoming a mother is a magical experience. But breastfeeding can make you feel inhibited in your mobility, too. By designing the Lemej feeding Shawl, Lemej enables you and your family to take part of the outside world. Whether you’re on the airport, in the park, on a terrace or inside a restaurant, this stylish yet functional accessory allows you to create a secure and restful environment to nurture your baby anywhere and at any time. Even when you are back to work after your maternity leave, you can pump with this Shawl whenever needed, without having to separate yourself from your current working mode. It’s a wonderful solution to live your life in a modern and personality suiting way, while not making any concessions to the needs of your little one. The Lemej feeding Shawl comes in different variations, each design is presented with a matching muslin cloth and storage bag. Easy to bring along, these stylish nursing Shawls have an adjustable ring that is fastened around your neck. Because of the busk at the upper side the Shawl remains slightly open to always keep in touch with your baby while reducing outside stimuli. Where ever and in what kind of surroundings you are, it’s possible to create a familiar and private place for your sweet plus one.

Lemej – For a lively motherhood.


How to use

The Lemej feeding shawl is easy to use. In just a few simple steps your baby will be able to enjoy feeding time in a familiar and private place. 



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